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Yoto Toys (a division of Playgro India) offers an extensive range of outdoor & indoor multi-activity play schools solutions. With such an impressive range, we have established among the leading playschool furniture, toys and Kids Play Equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad, Yoto Toys as a fast-growing division of Playgro India, offers a huge range of outdoor & indoor multi-activity play schools solutions which includes furniture, ride-on toys, trampolines, slides, swing-sets and play mats. 

Our commitment to using premium quality raw materials and implementing the latest design techniques in our manufacturing process has immensely helped us in giving a great learning experience to kids of all ages. Give your kids the best learning environment with us. 

  • Interactive Design
  • Soothing to Eyes 
  • Compact Structure
  • Best Value for Money
  • Top-grade Raw Material

Yoto Toys (a division of Playgro India) is a prominent Delhi based playschool furniture & toys manufacturer. Our commitment to quality has made us one of the fastest-growing exporters of School Furniture Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Avail premium quality play school items from us and make transform your play school into an extraordinary learning space.

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The whole experience of dealing with Yoto has been a pleasure. The tables and chairs exceeded our expectations. Their comfort delighted our children and their prices delighted us. Thank you Yoto team, for the excellent furniture-items you have given.


Yoto has always been amazing to work with. All of the furniture products which we have acquired from them are outstanding. Their high quality, modern look, comfortable designs are the exact features which we required for an educational environme

Hitesh Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

We are specialist Indoor Toys and Playground Equipment supplier based in New Delhi, India. Our promoters are well educated & hugely experienced in the field of Toys.

Safety is our top priority and we make the products adhering to the quality standards applicable in market of same. We innovate, design & produce our toys in in the way so that safety whilst playing is ensured in our Toys. A testimony to this is that our panel members had represented the Bureau of Indian standards on behalf of Toy association of India to formulate safety standards in India on Toys.

Also all our products comply to present BIS & International safety norms. We also follow the WE CARE program proposed by TAI.

We have products categories which can be broadly termed as follows

  • Toy Slides & Combos
  • Ride on & Rockers
  • Toy Swings
  • Trampolines
  • Toy Slide Swing Combo
  • Pre School Furniture (Social Seating)
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Children Gym series
  • Inflatable Play centers
  • Role Play Toys
  • Activity Play Toys

Due to the wide range, our products are suitable for children of any age, right from 2 years to 14 years. Also we do mention the best suitable age group alongside all our products.

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